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Japanese language education

Japanese study
Long and short term

We welcome a large number of students from all over the world and offer classes tailored to individual purposes such as going on to higher education and finding employment.

Foreign care staff
Japanese language course

We support the Japanese learning of foreign care workers working in Japan. They learn not only the technical terms of their fields, but also the skills necessary for working in Japan, such as differences in culture and manners.

Online Japanese
language education

We are developing more flexible Japanese language classes for students in Japan and abroad.

Other related businesses and services

Language training
corporations and groups

In addition to the languages that are indispensable for overseas business, we can prepare curriculum that suits your purpose, such as cross-cultural training.

Japanese teacher

We developed a nationwide training of highly skilled Japanese language teachers who can provide high-quality Japanese language education. We contribute to Japanese language education for working foreigners, international students, and foreigners living in Japan.


We provide an interpreter / translation service, and a human resource dispatch service with an understanding of languages and culture differences. We provide the international hospitality that people are looking for in a diversifying international community.

Management philosophy

We support not only the self-growth and achievement of the short-term goals of our employees, but also the progress and development of a global society through Japanese language education. In order to realize these goals, the company's philosophy relies on the three following contributions:

Contribution to customers

We provide innovative and needs-based learning to those who want to learn Japanese language and culture.

Contribution to employees

We aim at a work environment where each employee and staff can take pride in their work and company, and grow.

Contribution to society

We aim to connect Japan and the world with our unique education and contribute to the connection and growth of people in a global society.

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